38-81, 21-44 away
74-47, 38-22 home

Scoring Summary

1stMullins homered to right (392 feet).10
1stSeverino singled to left, Hays scored.20
1stChoi singled to right center, Cruz scored and Franco scored, Choi thrown out at second, Arozarena to third.22
4thLowe singled to left, Wendle scored.23
4thFranco doubled to left, Lowe scored.24
6thFranco reached on infield single to shortstop, Mejía scored, Lowe to second, Kiermaier to third.25
6thCruz hit sacrifice fly to right, Kiermaier scored, Lowe to third.26
6thMeadows hit sacrifice fly to center, Lowe scored.27
7thWynns singled to right, Mateo scored, Franco to second.37
8thMountcastle homered to left (383 feet).47
8thMeadows hit a ground rule double to left, Kiermaier scored, Franco to third.48