66-57, 29-32 away
72-50, 38-23 home

Scoring Summary

1stCorrea tripled to deep center, Brantley scored.01
1stAlvarez grounded out to first, Correa scored.02
2ndMeyers homered to center (420 feet), McCormick scored.04
3rdAlvarez homered to center (429 feet), Correa scored.06
3rdGurriel homered to left (401 feet).07
4thSeager homered to right (441 feet).17
4thAlvarez doubled to deep left, Brantley scored, Correa to third.18
4thGurriel singled to center, Correa scored, Alvarez to third.19
4thMcCormick hit sacrifice fly to right, Alvarez scored.110
5thMaldonado homered to left (386 feet).111
5thBrantley grounded out to first, Altuve scored.112
6thToro singled to center, France scored.212
8thFrance homered to left (425 feet).312