69-58, 33-29 away
77-49, 35-28 home

Scoring Summary

1stGarcía hit sacrifice fly to center, Adames scored.01
4thMoustakas singled to right, Naquin scored, Votto to second, Castellanos to third.11
4thFarmer singled to left, Castellanos scored, Moustakas to second, Votto to third.21
4thBarnhart hit sacrifice fly to center, Votto scored.31
6thBarnhart singled to left center, Moustakas scored.41
7thWong singled to left, Cain scored, Piña to second.42
7thYelich hit sacrifice fly to right, Piña scored, Wong to third.43
7thGarcía hit sacrifice fly to left, Wong scored.44
7thNarváez doubled to right, Peterson scored.45
8thWong homered to right (378 feet), Tellez scored.47