68-64, 29-36 away
55-76, 31-35 home

Scoring Summary

2ndThomas doubled to deep center, García scored, Sánchez to third.01
3rdZimmerman doubled to left, Bell scored.02
3rdGarcía hit a ground rule double to deep right, Zimmerman scored.03
4thMcCutchen homered to left (409 feet), Harper scored.23
4thKieboom homered to left center (412 feet), Thomas scored.25
5thBonifacio reached on infield single to catcher, Segura scored, McCutchen to second, Harper to third.35
6thMarchan homered to left center (396 feet), Vierling scored.55
6thHarper singled to shallow right center, Galvis scored and Maton scored, Harper out stretching at second, Segura to third.75
6thMcCutchen doubled to left, Segura scored.85
6thHerrera singled to right, McCutchen scored.95
9thMiller homered to left (354 feet), Vierling scored.115
9thSegura scored on Suero wild pitch, McCutchen to second, Harper to third.125
9thRuiz grounded into fielder's choice to first, Soto scored on error, Bell out at second, Ruiz safe at second on throwing error by shortstop Galvis.126