73-60, 36-29 away
63-71, 35-34 home

Scoring Summary

1stOlson hit sacrifice fly to right, Harrison scored.10
2ndH. Castro singled to left, Candelario scored.11
4thMarte homered to center (436 feet).21
4thLowrie doubled to deep center, Olson scored.31
4thCabrera homered to left (423 feet), Grossman scored.33
5thOlson doubled to deep center, Marte scored and Harrison scored.53
5thLowrie doubled to deep right center, Olson scored.63
5thBaddoo homered to right (371 feet).64
6thH. Castro homered to left center (389 feet).65
7thSchoop singled to left, Hill scored, Baddoo to second.66
7thCabrera singled to center, Baddoo scored, Schoop to second.67
8thBaddoo singled to left, H. Castro scored.68