Scoring Summary

1stRiley grounded out to shortstop, Albies scored, Freeman to second.10
1stDuvall doubled to deep left, Freeman scored.20
2ndCron homered to center (453 feet).21
2ndMárquez sacrificed to first, McMahon scored, Tapia to second.22
3rdAlbies homered to center (439 feet).32
3rdBlackmon homered to center (441 feet), Rodgers scored.34
5thSoler singled to center, Adrianza scored.44
6thTapia hit sacrifice fly to center, McMahon scored.45
6thHampson singled to left, Díaz scored on error, Hampson safe at second on fielding error by left fielder Duvall, Hampson safe at third on error.46
7thStory tripled to deep right, Blackmon scored.47
8thSwanson hit sacrifice fly to center, Freeman scored.57
9thd'Arnaud homered to left center (421 feet).67