75-63, 35-34 away
80-57, 42-25 home

Scoring Summary

2ndDíaz grounded into fielder's choice to second, Correa scored and Gurriel scored, Tucker to second, Tucker safe at third on fielding error by second baseman Toro.02
2ndMeyers homered to left (400 feet), Tucker scored and Díaz scored.05
2ndAlvarez doubled to deep center, Altuve scored.06
3rdToro doubled to deep left, Crawford scored and Haniger scored.26
5thMeyers singled to center, Gurriel scored, Tucker to third.27
5thAltuve grounded into fielder's choice to third, Tucker scored, Meyers safe at second on fielding error by third baseman Seager.28
6thTucker doubled to deep left center, Correa scored and Gurriel scored.210
6thBregman singled to center, Tucker scored, Altuve to second, Díaz to third.211