88-50, 43-27 away
63-75, 45-25 home

Scoring Summary

1stRuf homered to left (375 feet).10
1stPosey homered to right (403 feet).20
2ndMcMahon homered to left (402 feet).21
4thEstrada homered to left (413 feet).31
4thGausman singled to shallow left, Dubón scored, Duggar to second.41
5thEstrada homered to left (405 feet), Longoria scored.61
5thRuf tripled to deep center, Duggar scored and Gausman scored.81
6thDubón singled to right, Longoria scored and Posey scored, Crawford to third.101
6thBlackmon tripled to right, Tapia scored.102
7thHampson homered to left (408 feet).103
8thStory homered to left center (466 feet), Rodgers scored.105