65-77, 20-50 away
71-70, 39-30 home

Scoring Summary

2ndHilliard singled to right, Díaz scored, Welker to second.10
2ndDaza doubled to center, Welker scored, Hilliard to third.20
2ndMárquez singled to right, Hilliard scored, Daza to third.30
4thBlackmon singled to left, Daza scored.40
7thStory homered to left (399 feet).50
7thCron homered to left (437 feet).60
9thCron singled to shallow left, Blackmon scored, Story to second.70
9thDíaz homered to left (399 feet), Story scored, Cron scored and McMahon scored.110
9thGregorius homered to right (388 feet).111
9thHarper singled to shallow center, Herrera scored, Segura to second.112