93-50, 48-27 away
65-79, 39-36 home

Scoring Summary

2ndFlores singled to center, Posey scored, Longoria to second.10
3rdBryant grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Webb scored, Ruf out at second, Slater to third.20
4thFlores scored on error, Slater safe at first on fielding error by third baseman Duffy, Dubón safe at third on error.30
4thSchwindel grounded out to shortstop, Ortega scored.31
4thHapp homered to center (418 feet).32
5thFlores homered to left (383 feet), Bryant scored.52
5thMartini grounded out to shortstop, Bote scored.53
7thFlores walked, Bryant scored on Heuer wild pitch.63
7thBote doubled to deep left, Alcántara scored.64
7thChirinos singled to right, Bote scored.65