76-70, 32-39 away
95-51, 47-24 home

Scoring Summary

1stFrazier doubled to left, Profar scored and Tatis Jr. scored, Pham to third.20
2ndMachado hit a ground rule double to right, Grisham scored, Tatis Jr. to third.30
2ndHosmer singled to right, Tatis Jr. scored and Machado scored.50
2ndLongoria doubled to right, Crawford scored.51
3rdEstrada homered to left (361 feet).52
6thBryant homered to center (410 feet).53
7thProfar homered to left (392 feet), Kim scored.73
7thDuggar homered to right (362 feet).74
7thBelt homered to right (336 feet).75
9thGrisham hit sacrifice fly to center, Frazier scored, Nola to third.85
9thMyers singled to left, Nola scored.95
9thPosey singled to center, Belt scored.96