77-70, 33-39 away
95-52, 47-25 home

Scoring Summary

2ndGrisham hit sacrifice fly to left, Frazier scored.10
3rdTatis Jr. homered to left (371 feet).20
5thPham doubled to right, Frazier scored and Profar scored.40
6thBryant scored on Adams wild pitch.41
7thWade Jr. hit a ground rule double to deep left center, La Stella scored.42
8thMyers doubled to deep left, Nola scored, Grisham to third.52
8thMachado singled to right center, Grisham scored and Myers scored, Tatis Jr. to third.72
8thLongoria homered to left (393 feet).73
9thWade Jr. scored on Melancon wild pitch, Ruf to second on wild pitch by Melancon.74