79-69, 37-36 away
67-81, 36-38 home

Scoring Summary

1stMerrifield scored on Kikuchi wild pitch.01
1stMondesi reached on infield single to shortstop, Benintendi scored, C. Santana to second.02
3rdTaylor doubled to deep center, Mondesi scored.03
5thTaylor homered to center (433 feet).04
7thToro grounded out to second, France scored.14
8thLopez reached on infield single to second, Dozier scored, Merrifield to second, Isbel to third.15
8thPerez singled to center, Isbel scored, Lopez to second, Merrifield to third.16
8thBenintendi hit sacrifice fly to center, Merrifield scored, Perez to second, Lopez to third.17
8thC. Santana grounded out to second, Lopez scored, Perez to third.18