97-55, 45-32 away
71-80, 46-28 home

Scoring Summary

4thLux doubled to left center, J. Turner scored.10
4thRaley homered to center (472 feet), Lux scored.30
4thRodgers homered to left (425 feet).31
4thMcMahon singled to left, Blackmon scored and Story scored, Cron to second.33
4thMárquez doubled to deep right center, Cron scored and McMahon scored.35
5thMuncy walked, Betts scored, T. Turner to second, Seager to third.45
5thJ. Turner sacrificed into double play, right to right to shortstop, Seager scored, T. Turner thrown out at third.55
5thStory singled to center, Rodgers scored, Blackmon to second.56
7thCron doubled to deep right, Blackmon scored.57
7thHilliard homered to center (438 feet), Cron scored and Díaz scored.510