99-53, 50-27 away
77-75, 44-33 home

Scoring Summary

1stBryant doubled to deep right center, La Stella scored, Posey scored and Belt scored.30
5thCronenworth reached first base on catcher's interference, Caratini to home on error, Cronenworth to first on error by catcher Posey, Tatis Jr. to second on error, Marisnick to third on error.31
6thCrawford singled to shallow left, Posey scored, Wade Jr. to second.41
6thYastrzemski singled to right center, Wade Jr. scored, Crawford to third.51
7thPosey doubled to right, La Stella scored, Belt to third.61
7thWade Jr. singled to right, Belt scored and Posey scored.81
7thTatis Jr. homered to left (393 feet).82
7thMachado singled to shallow left, Cronenworth scored.83
7thHosmer singled to center, Machado scored, Pham to third.84
9thFrazier grounded out to second, Pham scored, Hosmer to third.85
9thGrisham singled to left, Hosmer scored.86