57-95, 23-54 away
79-74, 45-33 home

Scoring Summary

2ndOverton singled to shallow left, Moran scored and Tucker scored, Newman to third.20
2ndHayes homered to right (341 feet), Newman scored and Overton scored.50
3rdMoran homered to right (432 feet).60
3rdGregorius homered to right (438 feet).61
3rdNola scored, Herrera to third on passed ball by Perez.62
3rdSegura hit sacrifice fly to center, Herrera scored.63
3rdMcCutchen doubled to deep left, Harper scored.64
3rdMiller singled to shallow center, McCutchen scored.65
6thTorreyes homered to left (366 feet), Realmuto scored and Vierling scored.68
7thRealmuto homered to right (352 feet), McCutchen scored.610
8thRealmuto singled to center, Herrera scored and Segura scored, Harper to second.612