Scoring Summary

1stBell doubled to deep right, Soto scored, Bell to third.10
2ndRuiz homered to right (375 feet).20
3rdEscobar homered to center (410 feet).30
3rdRuiz singled to right, Soto scored.40
3rdSchrock homered to right (380 feet), Friedl scored.42
5thDeShields homered to center (420 feet).43
6thCastellanos homered to center (397 feet).44
6thSuárez homered to left center (410 feet), Farmer scored.46
7thCastellanos singled to center, Friedl scored, Aquino to third.47
9thEscobar doubled to left, Thomas scored.57
9thGarcía singled to left center, Escobar scored and Soto scored, Bell to second.77
11thAquino reached on infield single to second, Friedl scored.78