64-91, 29-48 away
80-75, 42-37 home

Scoring Summary

1stGarcía doubled to deep right, Soto scored, Bell to third.10
2ndSuárez hit a ground rule double to deep right, Farmer scored and Stephenson scored.12
3rdBell singled to left, Escobar scored, Soto to second.22
3rdStevenson singled to center, Bell scored and Ruiz scored, Mercer to second.42
3rdCastellanos hit sacrifice fly to center, India scored.43
4thThomas homered to center (404 feet).53
5thSchrock hit sacrifice fly to left, Friedl scored.54
5thCastellanos singled to right, India scored on error, Castellanos safe at second on fielding error by right fielder Soto.55
7thRuiz homered to right (376 feet).65
7thFarmer doubled to deep center, Castellanos scored.66
9thCastellanos homered to center (413 feet).67