65-94, 25-56 away
76-83, 47-34 home

Scoring Summary

2ndAlonso homered to left center (383 feet).01
3rdBrinson homered to left (428 feet), Chisholm Jr. scored.21
3rdConforto singled to right, McCann scored, Nimmo to third.22
4thSierra singled to right, Alvarez scored on throwing error by right fielder Conforto, Sierra to second.32
4thVillar singled to left, Báez scored, McNeil to second, Villar to second, McNeil safe at third on fielding error by left fielder Brinson.33
4thMcCann doubled to left, McNeil scored and Villar scored.35
4thConforto singled to center, McCann scored, Lindor to third.36
8thLindor homered to right (399 feet), McNeil scored, Villar scored and Nimmo scored.310
8thAlonso homered to left (411 feet), Conforto scored.312