79-83, 34-47 away
107-55, 54-27 home

Scoring Summary

3rdPosey reached on single to left, Flores scored and Webb scored, Wade Jr. to third.02
4thMachado hit sacrifice fly to center, Grisham scored.12
4thLa Stella singled to right, Bryant scored, Webb to second, Yastrzemski to third.13
4thFlores doubled to left, Yastrzemski scored and Webb scored, La Stella to third.15
4thWade Jr. hit sacrifice fly to left, La Stella scored, Flores to third.16
4thPosey singled to center, Flores scored.17
5thWebb homered to left (368 feet), Bryant scored.19
7thYastrzemski doubled to deep center, Bryant scored and Crawford scored.111
8thCaratini singled to right, Marisnick scored, Rivas to third.211
8thGrisham singled to right, Rivas scored, Caratini to second.311
8thCronenworth hit sacrifice fly to left, Caratini scored.411