Doubleheader - Game 2
85-69, 43-36 away
67-87, 39-40 home

Scoring Summary

1stMolina doubled to deep center, Goldschmidt scored and O'Neill scored, Arenado to third.20
1stBader singled to center, Arenado scored, Molina to third.30
1stWisdom homered to center (453 feet), Schwindel scored.32
2ndO'Neill homered to center (381 feet), Hudson scored and Goldschmidt scored.62
3rdNootbaar homered to right center (408 feet).72
3rdDeJong homered to right (410 feet).82
3rdHapp grounded out to third, Schwindel scored.83
5thNootbaar singled to right, Bader scored.93
5thHapp hit sacrifice fly to right, Duffy scored, Ortega to third.94
7thBader homered to center (453 feet).104
7thNootbaar homered to right (413 feet).114
7thGoldschmidt doubled to deep right, DeJong scored.124