3-9, 2-4 away
7-6, 4-2 home

Scoring Summary

1stFrance homered to left (378 feet), Frazier scored.02
1stCrawford homered to right (382 feet), Winker scored and Suárez scored.05
2ndIbáñez doubled to deep right, Lowe scored.15
2ndWhite doubled to left, Ibáñez scored.25
5thSeager hit sacrifice fly to left, White scored.35
5thGarcía doubled to left, Garver scored.45
5thSolak homered to left (372 feet), García scored.65
8thSuárez singled to center, Frazier scored, France to third.66
9thK. Calhoun doubled to deep right, García scored.76
9thLowe singled to center, K. Calhoun scored.86