Scoring Summary


1stAdames homered to center (405 feet), Wong scored.20
2ndPérez doubled to left, Newman scored.21
5thAdames doubled to left, Wong scored and Cain scored.41
5thGamel doubled to left, Vogelbach scored, Hayes to third.42
5thNewman singled to center, Hayes scored and Gamel scored.44
6thTaylor tripled to deep right center, Tellez scored.54
6thNarváez singled to right, Taylor scored.64
6thWong singled to right, Narváez scored, Peterson to third.74
6thAdames homered to left (413 feet), Peterson scored and Wong scored.104
7thChavis hit sacrifice fly to center, Hayes scored, Gamel to third.105
8thVogelbach grounded out to first, Suwinski scored, Marcano to third.106
8thHayes hit sacrifice fly to center, Marcano scored.107
9thYelich scored, Taylor safe at first on throwing error by third baseman Chavis, Tellez to second, McCutchen to third.117
9thNarváez singled to left, McCutchen scored, Taylor to second, Tellez thrown out at home.127
9thPérez grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Tsutsugo scored, Castillo out at second.128
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