16-11, 6-5 away
12-13, 5-4 home

Scoring Summary

1stGuerrero Jr. homered to left (392 feet), Bichette scored.20
3rdKwan homered to right (371 feet), Hedges scored.22
4thRosario grounded out to second, Reyes scored, Giménez to second.23
5thNaylor singled to left, Straw scored, Kwan to third.24
5thReyes singled to center, Kwan scored, Naylor to second.25
5thGiménez doubled to left, Naylor scored, Reyes to third.26
6thCollins doubled to deep right, Guerrero Jr. scored and Bichette scored.46
7thKirk homered to left (393 feet).56