Scoring Summary


2ndRealmuto hit sacrifice fly to center, Segura scored, Schwarber to second.10
2ndSwanson singled to left center, Albies scored, Duvall to third.11
2ndAcuña Jr. singled to left, Duvall scored, Swanson to second.12
6thHarper doubled to left center, Bohm scored.22
6thOlson homered to right (404 feet).23
6thAcuña Jr. hit sacrifice fly to center, Albies scored.24
7thHarper singled to left, Quinn scored, Hoskins to second.34
9thHarper homered to right (438 feet), Bohm scored.54
9thAcuña Jr. hit sacrifice fly, Swanson scored, Acuña Jr. to first on fielding error by center fielder Quinn, Acuña Jr. to second.55
9thContreras singled to center, Acuña Jr. scored.56
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