20-24, 9-11 away
21-23, 12-12 home

Scoring Summary

2ndHerrera homered to right (431 feet).10
2ndContreras homered to left (396 feet).11
2ndAlbies singled to right center, Duvall scored and Arcia scored, Albies to second.13
2ndSwanson singled to shallow right, Albies scored, Swanson thrown out at second.14
4thHerrera reached on infield single to second, Segura scored, Realmuto to third.24
5thCastellanos grounded out to shortstop, Bohm scored, Harper to third.34
5thSegura singled to right, Harper scored.44
5thSwanson scored on fielding error by center fielder Herrera.45
5thRiley homered to left (410 feet).46
6thSwanson homered to right (377 feet).47
7thArcia doubled to center, Contreras scored, Duvall to third.48