Scoring Summary


1stCorrea homered to left (437 feet).01
2ndJeffers doubled to deep left, Urshela scored, Larnach to third.02
3rdKwan tripled to deep center, Straw scored.12
3rdCorrea homered to center (422 feet).13
4thJeffers reached on bunt single to catcher, Urshela scored.14
4thArraez hit sacrifice fly to left, Jeffers scored.15
5thHedges homered to left (356 feet).25
5thRosario reached on infield single to second, Straw scored, Kwan to third.35
5thKwan scored on a balk, Rosario to second on a balk.45
5thKepler homered to left (383 feet).46
7thRosario homered to left (377 feet).56
7thGonzalez homered to left (357 feet), Ramírez scored.76
7thKirilloff singled to center, Kepler scored, Kirilloff to second, Sánchez to third.77
7thUrshela homered to center (409 feet), Sánchez scored and Kirilloff scored.710
9thNaylor doubled to deep center, Rosario scored, Ramírez to third.810
9thGonzalez singled to left center, Ramírez scored and Clement scored, Gonzalez to second.1010
9thMiller hit sacrifice fly to left, Gonzalez scored.1110
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