35-42, 16-20 away
33-44, 21-21 home

Scoring Summary

1stThomas tripled to left, Rojas scored.10
1stWalker singled to center, Thomas scored.20
2ndC. Kelly homered to center (426 feet).30
5thDíaz grounded into double play, shortstop to second to first, Iglesias scored, Grichuk out at second.31
6thPeralta homered to right (420 feet).41
7thThomas homered to left (375 feet), Perdomo scored.61
7thMcMahon homered to right (429 feet).62
8thPeralta doubled to deep left center, Walker scored, Peralta to third.72
8thVarsho singled to right, Peralta scored.82
8thBlackmon homered to right (393 feet).83
9thRojas scored on Estévez wild pitch.93