37-48, 14-27 away
38-47, 22-25 home

Scoring Summary

1stBryant homered to left (394 feet).10
1stWalker hit sacrifice fly to right, C. Kelly scored, Rojas to third.11
1stLuplow singled to center, Rojas scored, Marte to second.12
1stHummel grounded out to shortstop, Marte scored, B. Kennedy to second, Luplow to third.13
3rdBlackmon singled to right, Joe scored.23
6thLuplow homered to left (383 feet).24
7thRojas doubled to deep left center, Perdomo scored and Thomas scored.26
8thPerdomo singled to right, B. Kennedy scored and Varsho scored.28
8thRojas hit a ground rule double to deep left center, Perdomo scored, C. Kelly to third.29