48-42, 24-22 away
41-46, 21-23 home

Scoring Summary

1stSeager doubled to deep right, Semien scored.01
1stHeim doubled to deep left, Seager scored, García to third.02
1stLowe grounded out to shortstop, García scored.03
2ndSeager hit sacrifice fly to right, E. Hernández scored, Culberson to third.04
4thHaggerty homered to center (288 feet).14
5thTaveras singled to right, Heim scored.15
7thSuárez singled to left center, Haggerty scored and Rodríguez scored, Santana to second.35
8thRodríguez hit by pitch, Frazier scored, Haggerty to second, Toro to third.45
8thFrance singled to left, Haggerty scored and Toro scored, Rodríguez to second.65