49-42, 25-22 away
41-47, 21-24 home

Scoring Summary

4thFrazier singled to left center, Suárez scored, Raleigh to second.10
4thRaleigh scored on error, Upton safe at first on fielding error by third baseman Culberson, Upton safe at second on error, Frazier safe at third on error.20
4thRodríguez singled to left, Frazier scored, Haggerty to second, Upton thrown out at home.30
5thSuárez hit sacrifice fly to right, France scored.40
6thSeager homered to center (431 feet).41
7thTaveras homered to right (352 feet), Lowe scored.43
8thRodríguez homered to center (420 feet), Raleigh scored, Frazier scored and Toro scored.83