Scoring Summary


1stWong singled to right center, Yelich scored, Tellez to second.10
2ndAdames doubled to right, Narváez scored and Yelich scored.30
2ndTellez singled to deep right, Adames scored.40
3rdHayes singled to right, Marcano scored and Reynolds scored, Hayes to second, Gamel to third.42
6thChavis doubled to right, Cruz scored on error, Chavis safe at third on throwing error by right fielder Renfroe.43
6thMarcano singled to center, Chavis scored.44
7thHayes singled to right, Reynolds scored, Hayes thrown out at second, Gamel to third.45
7thCruz homered to right center (434 feet), Gamel scored.47
8thAdames singled to left, Caratini scored and Taylor scored, Yelich to second.67
8thTellez singled to right, Yelich scored, Adames to third.77
9thReynolds homered to right center (425 feet).78
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