60-49, 25-29 away
49-63, 31-27 home

Scoring Summary

1stCron homered to left (450 feet), Iglesias scored and Rodgers scored.03
3rdDíaz doubled to right, Grichuk scored, Montero to third.04
3rdHilliard singled to center, Montero scored, Díaz thrown out at home.05
3rdIglesias singled to shortstop, Hilliard scored, Blackmon to third.06
3rdRodgers reached on infield single to third, Blackmon scored, Iglesias to second.07
3rdCron doubled to right, Rodgers scored and Iglesias scored.09
3rdGrichuk homered to center (449 feet), Cron scored and McMahon scored.012
5thDeJong homered to left (448 feet), Nootbaar scored.212
6thArenado doubled to deep left, Gorman scored.312
6thKnizner singled to center, Arenado scored and Nootbaar scored, DeJong to second.512
6thDíaz doubled to deep right center, Grichuk scored, Montero to third.513
6thBlackmon grounded out to second, Montero scored, Díaz to third.514
7thMcMahon homered to center (495 feet), Rodgers scored.516