51-69, 18-39 away
66-51, 40-21 home

Scoring Summary

1stGoldschmidt singled to right, Nootbaar scored, Donovan to third.01
1stArenado grounded out to first, Donovan scored, Goldschmidt to second.02
1stO'Neill singled to right, Goldschmidt scored.03
2ndDonovan reached on infield single to catcher, Edman scored.04
2ndGoldschmidt doubled to deep center, Donovan scored.05
3rdCarlson singled to center, Gorman scored, O'Neill to third.06
3rdPujols homered to left (374 feet), O'Neill scored, Carlson scored and Nootbaar scored.010
5thNootbaar homered to right (399 feet), Carlson scored.012
7thPujols singled to left, Edman scored, Nootbaar to second.013