59-61, 30-31 away
62-57, 34-22 home

Scoring Summary

2ndHernández doubled to left, Arroyo scored and Refsnyder scored.20
2ndMateo homered to left (398 feet), Hays scored and Urías scored.23
3rdArroyo grounded out to shortstop, Verdugo scored.33
3rdRefsnyder doubled to left, Bogaerts scored, Hosmer to third.43
3rdSantander homered to right (353 feet), Rutschman scored.45
3rdOdor sacrificed into double play, center to pitcher to third, Stowers scored, Hays thrown out at third.46
4thRutschman homered to right center (422 feet), Mullins scored.48
4thMountcastle homered to center (428 feet), Santander scored.410
5thHosmer singled to right, Devers scored, Arroyo to third.510
5thPham doubled to left, Arroyo scored, McGuire scored and Hosmer scored.810
5thVerdugo singled to right center, Pham scored.910
5thUrías homered to center (432 feet).911
5thSantander hit a ground rule double to deep right center, Mullins scored and Rutschman scored.913
5thMountcastle singled to center, Santander scored, Mountcastle to second.914
5thHays doubled to shallow center, Mountcastle scored.915
6thMcGuire singled to right, Refsnyder scored.1015