Scoring Summary


4thArenado homered to left (397 feet).10
4thO'Neill homered to left (385 feet), Gorman scored.30
4thDonovan singled to right, Dickerson scored and Knizner scored on error, Donovan safe at second on fielding error by right fielder Suzuki, Nootbaar safe at third on error.50
5thDickerson doubled to deep left, Gorman scored.60
6thEdman homered to center (394 feet).70
6thOrtega doubled to left, Madrigal scored.71
8thOrtega scored on Liberatore wild pitch, Suzuki to second on wild pitch by Liberatore.73
8thReyes hit a ground rule double to right, Suzuki scored.73
9thKnizner walked, Gorman scored, Dickerson to second, O'Neill to third.83
9thEdman doubled to deep right, O'Neill scored and Dickerson scored, Knizner to third.103
9thCarlson tripled to right center, Knizner scored and Edman scored.123
9thGoldschmidt grounded into double play, second to first, Carlson scored, Pujols out at second.133
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