Scoring Summary


3rdMachado reached on infield single to shortstop, Nola scored on throwing error by shortstop T. Turner, Soto safe at third on error.10
4thSmith homered to left center (428 feet).11
4thBellinger walked, J. Turner scored, Taylor to second, Gallo to third.12
4thBetts hit sacrifice fly to center, Gallo scored.13
4thT. Turner doubled to left, Bellinger scored and Taylor scored.15
7thProfar doubled to right, Bell scored and Soto scored.35
7thCronenworth doubled to right, Profar scored.45
7thJ. Turner doubled to left, Smith scored, Muncy to third.46
7thThompson homered to left (424 feet), Muncy scored and J. Turner scored.49
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