65-72, 28-38 away
60-79, 39-33 home

Scoring Summary

1stMcCarthy homered to right center (451 feet).10
1stMcMahon homered to center (428 feet).11
2ndDíaz homered to left (418 feet), Toglia scored.13
4thDíaz singled to left, Grichuk scored, Toglia to second, Toglia safe at third on fielding error by left fielder Carroll.14
4thTrejo grounded into double play, shortstop to second to first, Toglia scored, Díaz out at second.15
4thMcMahon homered to center (461 feet).16
4thCron homered to left (504 feet), Daza scored.18
5thCarroll homered to left (365 feet).28
5thRojas reached on infield single to catcher, C. Kelly scored, Perdomo to second, Thomas to third.38
5thMarte walked, Thomas scored, Rojas to second, Perdomo to third.48
5thMcCarthy singled to center, Perdomo scored and Rojas scored, Marte to second.68
5thVarsho homered to right (388 feet), Marte scored, McCarthy scored and Walker scored.108
6thDaza doubled to left, Trejo scored.109
7thDíaz doubled to deep right, Montero scored.1010
9thDíaz homered to left (436 feet), Grichuk scored and Toglia scored.1013