Scoring Summary


1stCooper doubled to left, Wendle scored.01
3rdMcNeil singled to right, Lindor scored, McNeil to second.11
4thEscobar doubled to deep right center, Canha scored, Vogelbach to third.21
4thMcCann singled to right, Vogelbach scored, Escobar to third.31
4thLindor singled to right, Escobar scored, Nimmo to second, McCann to third.41
4thMcNeil hit sacrifice fly to left, McCann scored.51
4thCanha homered to left (382 feet), Nimmo scored, Lindor scored and Naquin scored.91
5thLindor homered to left (412 feet).101
7thEscobar homered to center (417 feet).111
7thStallings singled to left, Leblanc scored, Williams to second.112
8thCooper struck out swinging, De La Cruz scored on Williams wild pitch, Wendle to second on wild pitch by Williams.113
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