66-73, 29-39 away
61-80, 40-34 home

Scoring Summary

3rdRojas grounded out to shortstop, C. Kelly scored, Alcántara to second.10
3rdGarrett singled to center, Alcántara scored and Varsho scored, Walker to third.30
3rdWalker stole home, Garrett stole second.40
4thCron singled to right, McMahon scored, Daza to third.41
4thMontero doubled to deep right center, Cron scored and Daza scored.43
6thMcCarthy singled to left center, Rojas scored.53
7thMarte doubled to deep right, Garrett scored and Rivera scored, C. Kelly to third.73
7thRojas reached on infield single to shortstop, C. Kelly scored and Perdomo scored, Rojas to second.93
7thMcCarthy singled to right, Rojas scored.103
8thMcMahon homered to right (387 feet), Serven scored.105
8thToglia grounded into fielder's choice to third, Daza scored, Cron out at second.106
9thMcCarthy tripled to deep left center, Varsho scored.116
9thWalker singled to left, McCarthy scored.126