Scoring Summary


1stParedes singled to right, Franco scored, Ramírez to third.01
2ndTaylor homered to left center (414 feet).11
2ndMuncy homered to right center (384 feet).21
2ndThompson singled to center, Vargas scored, Rojas to second.31
2ndRaley doubled to right, Siri scored.32
2ndFranco singled to center, Raley scored, Franco to second.33
2ndB. Lowe singled to right, Franco scored.34
2ndParedes doubled to center, Ramírez scored and B. Lowe scored.36
2ndJ. Lowe singled to right, Paredes scored.37
3rdMartinez singled to left, Freeman scored.47
3rdMuncy grounded into fielder's choice to second, Martinez scored, Muncy second, Taylor safe at second on throwing error by second baseman B. Lowe, Taylor safe at third on error.57
3rdVargas hit sacrifice fly to center, Taylor scored, Muncy to third.67
3rdRojas hit sacrifice fly to left, Muncy scored.77
3rdDíaz singled to left, Raley scored.78
4thParedes homered to left center (398 feet).79
4thRaley grounded out to first, J. Lowe scored, Siri to second.710
5thThompson homered to center (442 feet).810
6thMartinez homered to left (389 feet).910
6thTaylor homered to right center (406 feet).1010
7thFranco grounded out to second, Raley scored, Díaz to second.1011
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