Keith Law's top free agents, Nos. 1-10

Cliff Lee is going to come into some money as a result of the 2010-11 free-agency period. Getty Images

For the fifth straight year, Keith Law breaks down the top 50 free agents, this time for the class of 2010-11. Law's reports are based on firsthand observation. He has been the senior baseball analyst for Scouts Inc. since 2006. Before joining ESPN, Law served as special assistant to the general manager of the Toronto Blue Jays and was a writer for Baseball Prospectus.

Welcome, again, to MLB free agency. It's a good class, although the 2009-10 group -- with Jason Bay, Matt Holliday, John Lackey et al -- might have been better. The full list of 2010-11 MLB free agents is here.

The gems of this class are Cliff Lee (on the pitching side) and Carl Crawford (on the hitting side). Both should command large deals, although there is value to be had once you get into the 30s on this list.

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