Keith Law's top free agents, No. 31-50

Welcome, again, to MLB free agency. It's a good class, although the 2009 group -- with Jason Bay, Matt Holliday, John Lackey et al -- might have been better. The full list of 2010 MLB free agents is here.

The third tier of the top 50 is where teams will look to both fill out a bullpen and try to catch lightning in a bottle with a cheap veteran bat.

Living in the first category, we look at a group that includes former Rangers closer Frank Francisco, former Diamondbacks closer Jon Rauch and hard throwers Jesse Crain and Grant Balfour.

Representing the veteran bats are longtime stalwarts such as Braves 1B Derrek Lee and longtime Astros leader Lance Berkman, both of whom saw their value dip precipitously in 2010.

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