Buyer's guide: outfield

If healthy and in the right park, Carlos Beltran could still crack 25 homers and get on base at a good clip. Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Keith Law has already ranked his top 50 free agents, but now he takes you on a more detailed, position-by-position look through the available players. The outfielders are up.

Players in demand

1. Carlos Beltran, RF: Beltran can't play center any more, and even if he's healthy, I'm not sure he'll be more than average in a corner. But he can still turn on a good fastball and has enough power to profile in left or even as a DH, getting on base at a high clip with 25-home run power in a neutral park. Unfortunately his baserunning acumen, among the best in the history of the game, is no longer a factor as he can't run like he once did.