Cano, Nats a perfect match

Robinson Cano had a .899 OPS last season; Nationals second basemen had a .670 mark. AP Photo/Jim Mone

There have been rumblings for a little while now that the Washington Nationals might be interested in Robinson Cano. The team hasn't actually come out and said that they are interested, and there have been no meetings (that we know of) between representatives for the two camps, but there should be. Cano signing with the Nationals just makes too much sense.

Here are five reasons why.

1. Positional upgrades

Because the Nationals have average -- or close to average -- players across the diamond, there aren't a lot of spots that can be upgraded. But first base is one of them. Now, Cano isn't a first baseman, obviously, but bringing him into the fold would allow the team to upgrade at first base. It would likely upgrade the defense as well.