Kershaw worth more than $300M

[Editor's note: This piece was published just hours before Clayton Kershaw agreed to a seven-year, $215 million deal with the Dodgers.]

According to industry reports, the Dodgers are hoping to reach a long-term contract with their 25-year-old ace, Clayton Kershaw, by the end of the week. The wallets are going to open wide for the two-time Cy Young winner, with the total tally expected to be in the $300 million range.

Kershaw would be the first athlete in history to pass the $300 million mark, which would be roughly equal to Alex Rodriguez's two mega-contracts when inflation is taken into consideration.

It's guaranteed to be the richest contract that a pitcher has ever received, leapfrogging the $200 million mark, which would also set a record for a hurler. Perhaps the most shocking thing is that Kershaw is worth every penny.