Predicting 2014 disappointments

Carlos Beltran is not the same player he was two years ago, and it's about to become obvious. AP Photo/John Minchillo

As we fight our way through the doldrums of winter to the opening day of spring training, we've been talking the past few weeks about players with shots at breaking out in 2014. (Last week, I looked at pitchers poised to make "the leap" in 2013.)

Baseball's a zero-sum game, with every win being a loss for someone else and every home run hit being a home run allowed for the other guys. Inevitably, there are going to be a number of players who are going to disappoint in 2014, so I decided to take a look at players headed for such a falloff. For each of the players involved, I've included their 2014 ZiPS projection. After all, what's the fun of having a projection system lying around if you're not going to use it?


Carlos Beltran, RF | New York Yankees