Six burning Hot Stove questions

Phase one of baseball's offseason has been kind to Joe Maddon, Chris Carpenter and Pat Gillick, and not so great for Ugueth Urbina, Paul DePodesta and former Cardinals broadcaster Wayne Hagin. And it's definitely been a relief for those of us who thought our eardrums might bleed if we had to listen to one more rendition of the A.J. Pierzynski clubhouse anthem, Journey's "Don't Stop Believin.' "

And just think -- the player movement has yet to even begin. What else lies in store between now and the conclusion of free-agent shopping season? ESPN.com Insider addressed that question by tracking down 15 general managers, scouts and other front-office people assembled at last week's GM meetings in Indian Wells, Calif.

Here are their responses to six Hot Stove questions sure to play out between now and the start of spring training: