For starters, some contenders need help

With the July 31 trade deadline fast approaching, here are three positions in which several teams greatly need to make additions:

Three teams most in need of a corner bat
1. Minnesota Twins
2. Los Angeles Dodgers
3. Houston Astros

It's well-documented that the Twins haven't had a batter hit 30 home runs in a season since Kent Hrbek, at a time when a good chunk of my readership was in diapers. That streak should end this year with Justin Morneau already at 26 -- although Minnesota probably should have an armed guard following him everywhere for the next few weeks -- but the Twins are still second-to-last in the league in homers, ahead of only the Royals. With Torii Hunter on the shelf, the Twins are getting no offense at all from left field or center field, and Jason Kubel has struggled a bit as the team's DH. Even a moderate power bat would be worth two extra wins to the Twins down the stretch; a Carlos Lee would be worth three or four.