Updating the Top 25 MLB prospects

After the graduation of Strasburg and Posey, the stage is set for Brown and Jennings. Getty Images

It is time for the second in-season update to the rankings of the top prospects currently in the minor leagues. Graduates from the previous list include Stephen Strasburg (1), Carlos Santana (2) and Buster Posey (3) -- all of whom are performing very well in the majors right now -- and Mike Stanton (4), who's struggling with contact (29 whiffs in 71 PA) in his brief time in the majors. (The preseason Top 100 also has been mined heavily for MLB players.)

Some of the names here would not ordinarily merit inclusion in a postseason Top 25 ranking, but we've had many graduations without an influx of new talent into the minors. By the next update, however, we'll have more 2010 draftees in the mix, so some players you see here could be pushed down or even pushed off by the addition of players such as Bryce Harper or Christian Colon.